B Western Chapter Plays from A to Z

by Donn J. Moyer

Highlights the plot, players, studio, etc. on all sound cliffhangers which have a western/outdoor theme. Includes mini biographies on over 175 of the stars, stunt men, leading ladies, character actors, directors, etc.


Hundreds of "Cowboy Cliffhangers" have already been sold.  And we appreciate the unsolicited accolades from fans and western film experts and writers who have purchased our book:

"Donn Moyer takes us back to the western serial, not only recounting the plots in great detail-an invaluable tool for further research in itself-but going behind the scenes to comment on the careers of scores of stars, character actors and even bit players. These thumbnail sketches are the book's real treasures. A great deal of research must have gone into unearthing details about a group of actors who did not necessarily benefit from much publicity in their heyday. Always warm and friendly, Mr. Moyer's prose becomes positively glowing when recounting his friendship with Tim McCoy. The result is perhaps the best description of the legendary Westerner this writer has encountered."
-- Hans Wollstein, actor/author, Roskilde, Denmark

"I found "Cowboy Cliffhangers" to be an excellent reference book for those who like Westerns or who enjoy reading about the actors. Not only does it list all the actors of the film but also statistics about the serial and a synopsis of the plot. My favorite parts, however, are the mini-bios. Where else can you find well written tidbits about Harry Carey, Sr., Clayton Moore, Iron Eyes Cody and more? This is not a run-of-the-mill movie reference book but a lively reference you will get lost in once you open the cover."
-- Laurel Wessman, Commander U.S. Navy (Retired), Arlington, Virginia

"I have enjoyed your book. There were many anecdotes I had not read before. I had long wondered what happened to Rick Vallin. Now I know. I can certainly see the care that went into the text."
-- Richard Schmidt, Montrose, California, author of A
Field Guide to Movie locations in Red Rock Canyon

"The great writing skill in the way this book has been written shows the talent and humor of the author as well as creating an historical account of all the sound "B" Western serials."
-- D. Wood, retired stage hypnotist, Sequim, Washington

"It takes a lot of research to come up with all these statistics and Moyer puts the story of "B" Western chapterplays into an interesting perspective."
-- Dr. Terry Ten Brink, Port Charlotte, Florida

"What I like most about the book are the personal asides about the stars and filmmakers after the obligatory summary of story and talent. This adds a great deal and brings me up to date on some of the characters like Bob Kortman that I didn't know too much about, previously. On the negative side I wish you might have had a little more to say about such serial directors as John English and Bill Witney ... Thanks again for a wonderful new source authority on serials and westerns all in one book."
-- Jim Drake, director for Norman Lear Productions; involved in
many TV programs including "All in the Family", "Sanford and
Sons", "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman", "The Golden Girls".