Donn and Nancy Moyer

 Show Business Was Our Business

by Donn J. Moyer

Show Business Was Our Business highlights the 67 years of the life of showman Donn J. Moyer and his wife Nancy and family as they go from one part of the entertainment business to another. Part 1 "Bitten by the Carnival Bug" and Part 2 "Carousel Midway Shows" tells the story of their small carnival, later a bigger and better one and of the work, the disappointments, the sabotage on the show, and the funny times as you travel the highways and byways with the "family of carnie characters". Join us, won't you?

  • Published August, 2018.
  • 177 pages with 360 photos.
  • Available in pdf format on a CD with jewel case for $10.00 postpaid in the U. S.
  • Show Business Was Our Business is also available to download to your computer via WeTransfer for $7.99.
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Terror, Tragedy And Tears In The Evergreen State

by Donn and Nancy Moyer

Terror, Tragedy and Tears in the Evergreen State is a compilation of 17 chapters about disasters in Washington State within the last 200 years with extra related stories in some other states as a bonus. The author was inspired to write about these following a gigantic landslide that wiped out much of Oso, Washington in 2014. Other types of these catastrophies are forest fires, city fires, airplane crashes, marine disaster, mine explosions, Indian battles and murders, bus and streetcar wrecks, storms and a volcano. The 178 pages are liberally illustrated with 206 historic photos to make the events come alive in the minds of the reader.

The Last Little Beaver
of the Movies

by Donn J. Moyer

A pictorial memoir of the lifelong career in film, rodeo and television of Don K. "Little Brown Jug" Reynolds, this book is jam-packed with photos starting from "Jug's" first professional rodeo appearance at age 3 through his movie career as Little BeaverTM with Jim Bannon as Red RyderTM. He also made films with Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Eddie Dean, Charles Starrett, Robert Mitchum, Myrna Loy, Paul Kelly and others.

Red RyderTM and Little BeaverTM are trademarks of Red Ryder Enterprises, Inc., Tampa Florida 33607

  • $23.90 postage paid in the U. S.
  • Published October, 2006.
  • ISBN number is 13:9978-1-929204-31-1.
  • Softbound, measures 8 x 10 1/2 and contains 119 pages and over 180 photos. Beautiful laminated gloss full-color cover.
  • Four pages are available for you to review and read. Note that these preview pages are jpg image files and are NOT the quality of the actual pages within the book.  Click HERE.


by Donn J. Moyer

Who was that cowpoke? Who was that cowbelle? Who was that villain? Learn the names and stories behind the faces who gave the movies character. It's all here along with a whole passel o' information on dozens of the film folk we all loved in the B westerns and early cowpoke television shows. Personal interviews and friendships with the actors and actresses and their families gave Donn many photos and biographical information for this beautiful book not available anywhere else.

  • $23.90 postage paid in the U. S.
  • Published October, 2003.
  • ISBN number is 1-9292041-4-0.
  • Softbound, measures 8 x 10 1/2 and contains 208 pages and over 170 photos.
  • Laminated gloss full-color cover with original oil paintings by renowned Western artist Katie West.
  • Four pages are available for you to review and read --- on prolific B-western performers Ted Adams, Stanley Andrews and Morris Ankrum.  Note that these preview pages are jpg image files and are NOT the quality of the actual pages within the book.  Click HERE.

B Western Chapter Plays from A to Z

by Donn J. Moyer

Now in the 3rd printing with updates on individuals who have passed away since the original was published

Highlights the plot, players, studio, etc. on all sound cliffhangers which have a western/outdoor theme. Includes mini biographies on over 175 of the stars, stunt men, leading ladies, character actors, directors, etc.

  • $23.90 postage paid in the U. S.
  • Published September, 1999; 2nd Edition published October, 2004; 3rd printing in February, 2006.
  • ISBN number is 0-9644370-9-0.
  • Softbound, measures 8 x 11 and contains 160 pages and 61 photos.
  • Pages 1 - 4 are available for you to view and read, as well as several reviews and comments on the book.  Click HERE.


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